Barber DTS Aftercare

Aftercare is one of the essential parts of the tattoo process, and when it comes to piercings the right aftercare can be the key to ensuring that your customers experience a comfortable and safe healing process. If you want to ensure the best for your customers, provide them with a safe and cost effective option of aftercare that will give them the excellent results they expect from you, then look no further than our own personal range of aftercare products. Born from our years of experience in the piercing industry this selection of aftercare solutions are ideal for passing on to your customers, we supply these as 100ml bottles in packs of 24, so you can be sure to meet the needs of your customers, regardless of what the particular piercing is, and you can even turn a little extra profit doing it. There are a selection of different options available to ensure that you and your customers get the right product for the requirements.
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