Studio Cleaning

It is just as important when working in a tattoo and piercing studio to ensure that your floors and surfaces are as clean as your instruments. Hygiene is paramount in a tattoo and piercing studio which is why Barber have a fantastic range of floor and couch cleaning products. These products are fantastic for removing bacteria and odours from the studio whilst keeping it clean and tidy. We have a range of products including hard surface wipes, sterilising spray, lap cloths and much more. All of our products are carefully picked to make sure that they are reliable and work to the best of their ability. An essential for any professional.

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  1. Distel High Level Medical Disinfectant Spray - 500ml
    This medical grade disinfectant is ef...
    82,66 kr
  2. Distel Medical Level Surface Disinfectant 1ltr
    This concentrated formula is supplied...
    148,99 kr
  3. Distel Surface Level Disinfectant 5ltr
    Barber DTS are pleased to present Dis...
    508,53 kr
  4. Biocleanse Disinfectants
    These disinfectant products from Bioc...

    From 92,49 kr

  5. EASYCLEANING® 750ml Surface Spray
    Disinfectant cleaning spray without a...
    72,00 kr
  6. Virosal Floor
    Virosal floor cleaner is a must have ...
    136,00 kr
  7. Medistel Disinfectant - 1 litre
    This Instrument Disinfectant from Med...
    611,34 kr
  8. Sani Hands Antibacterial Wipes (10 x packs of 12)
    Sani Hands Antibacterial Hand Wipes k...
    244,99 kr
  9. Plastic Waste Paper Bin - 15L

    Holds 15L

    109,71 kr
  10. Sani 70 Surface Wipes (200)
    These anti-bacterial wipes help to el...
    120,00 kr
    Out of stock
  11. PDI - Universal Wipes Soft Pack - PK 200
    These new disposable disinfection uni...
    99,00 kr
    Out of stock
  12. Azo Wipes Hard Surface Anti Bacterial - Tub of 200
    Anti-bacterial Azo wipes. Perfect tat...
    62,00 kr
    Out of stock

Items 1 to 12 of 15 Total

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