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  1. Tongue Depressor/Spatula
    Barber DTS are pleased to present ton...
    19,00 kr
  2. Bed / Couch Covers (10 per pack)
    The Barber DTS bed covers come in pac...
    93,00 kr
  3. Unigloves Select Black Cups
    Barber DTS are thrilled to present th...
    25,00 kr
  4. Sharpsbins & Waste Sacks
    Ensuring that the disposal of your bi...

    From 41,00 kr

  5. Tattoo and Piercing Consent Form A5 100 Sheets
    Tattooist Disclaimer Pad with approx ...
    41,00 kr
  6. Black Widow Sterilisation Pouches
    Black Widow Sterilisation Pouches fro...

    From 68,00 kr

  7. Tattooing and Piercing Consent Form A4 100 Sheets
    Using these ready made consent forms ...
    62,00 kr
  8. Pink Disposable Rinse Cups (100)
    Pink disposable plastic cups to be us...
    25,00 kr
  9. EASY Clean Up 180g Bottle

    EASY Clean Up 180g Bottle

    37,00 kr
  10. Disposable Cups
    Barber DTS are thrilled to present th...
    31,00 kr
  11. Cotton Tipped Applicators
    Cotton tipped applicators by Barber D...
    22,00 kr
  12. Skin 2 Paper Roll - 300cm x 45cm
    Skin 2 Paper is a product that will m...
    84,00 kr
  13. Ring for Cup Dispenser
    This is the replacement ring for the ...
    210,00 kr
  14. Corks
    Corks at Barber DTS are used specific...
    98,00 kr
  15. Dispenser
    Barber DTS are delighted to present t...
    386,36 kr
  16. 30X Illuminated Eye Loupes
    Add one of these to your studio and y...
    51,00 kr
  17. Digital Caliper/Vernier
    The digital caliper/vernier is a must...
    816,00 kr
  18. Plastic Waste Paper Bin - 15L

    Holds 15L

    109,71 kr
  19. UK Adapter Plug for lightbox
    UK Adapter Plug for lightbox
    123,00 kr
  20. Plain Tattoo Practice Skin with Strap
    Plain tattoo practice skin with strap.
    55,00 kr
    Out of stock
  21. Ink-It - Single
    Ink It skin is a form of prosthetic s...
    136,00 kr
    Out of stock
  22. Ink-It - Pack of 3
    Ink It skin is a form of prosthetic s...
    402,00 kr
    Out of stock
  23. Revloupe Magnifying Glass Eye Loupe
    For Needle Inspection.Magnifying Glas...
    75,00 kr
    Out of stock
  24. Protex Film
    Protex film is used to cover your tat...
    309,00 kr
    Out of stock

24 Items

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Barber DTS has a number of miscellaneous, tattoo related products such as decorative skulls and skeletons for use in your studio. These can be used as a drawing aid or just as a piece of art. No tattoo shop or parlour would be complete without the appearance of at least one skull!