General Studio Supplies

General Studio Supplies

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  1. Inkeeze Green Glide Tattoo Ointment
    Inkeeze Green Glide tattooing ointmen...

    From 16,79 kr Incl. Tax: 16,79 kr

  2. Tongue Depressor/Spatula
    Barber DTS are pleased to present ton...
    19,19 kr Incl. Tax: 19,19 kr
  3. Bed / Couch Covers (10 per pack)
    The Barber DTS bed covers come in pac...
    111,49 kr Incl. Tax: 111,49 kr
  4. Vaseline 250ml
    Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has a number...
    47,49 kr Incl. Tax: 47,49 kr
  5. Petroleum Jelly 225g
    Petroleum Jelly is an essential item ...
    25,29 kr Incl. Tax: 25,29 kr
  6. White Vaseline
    Convenient Vaseline Single Packs for ...

    From 3,49 kr Incl. Tax: 3,49 kr

  7. Hustle Butter Deluxe
    A 100% natural, organic and vegan rep...

    From 23,19 kr Incl. Tax: 23,19 kr

  8. Barber DTS Petroleum Jelly 225ml
    Barber DTS are proud to present our o...
    25,29 kr Incl. Tax: 25,29 kr
  9. Unigloves Black Disposable Rinse Cups (100)
    Barber DTS are thrilled to present th...
    25,89 kr Incl. Tax: 25,89 kr
  10. Jet Black - Rinse Cups - 4oz - 50 Pack
    Jet Black Rinse Cups are eco-friendly...
    43,49 kr Incl. Tax: 43,49 kr
  11. Penny Black Tattoo Butter
    A revolutionary skincare that has bee...

    From 106,49 kr Incl. Tax: 106,49 kr

  12. Tattoo and Piercing Consent Form A5 100 Sheets
    Tattooist Disclaimer Pad with approx ...
    54,59 kr Incl. Tax: 54,59 kr
  13. Black Widow Sterilisation Pouches
    Black Widow Sterilisation Pouches fro...

    From 85,99 kr Incl. Tax: 85,99 kr

  14. Vaseline - 1KG
    The protective, soothing and healing ...
    141,99 kr Incl. Tax: 141,99 kr
  15. EASYTATTOO PRO® 500g Vaseline
    White petroleum jelly of pharmaceutic...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  16. Sharpsbins & Waste Sacks
    Ensuring that the disposal of your bi...

    From 45,49 kr Incl. Tax: 45,49 kr

  17. Unigloves Pink Disposable Rinse Cups (100)
    Pink disposable plastic cups to be us...
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  18. Plain Tattoo Practice Skin with Strap
    Plain tattoo practice skin with strap.
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  19. EASY Clean Up 180g Bottle

    EASY Clean Up 180g Bottle

    44,49 kr Incl. Tax: 44,49 kr
  20. Tattooing and Piercing Consent Form A4 100 Sheets
    Using these ready made consent forms ...
    73,99 kr Incl. Tax: 73,99 kr
  21. Sorry Mom Process Butter
    Sorry Mom Tattoo Process Butter can b...

    From 209,49 kr Incl. Tax: 209,49 kr

  22. Vegan Blue Cream by Nikko Hurtado 4oz/120ml
    After trying every tattoo cream out t...
    278,49 kr Incl. Tax: 278,49 kr
  23. Vaseline - 250ml
    The protective, soothing and healing ...
    49,49 kr Incl. Tax: 49,49 kr
  24. Electrum Gold Standard CBD Wash 2oz (60ml)
    Use Electrum Gold Standard CBD Wash d...
    217,49 kr Incl. Tax: 217,49 kr

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Barber DTS is the leading tattoo equipment supplier in the UK and stocks a range of good from tattoo machine, to inks to furniture and general hygiene products. Anything you need for your tattoo studio, Barber DTS can help whether it is tattooing or piercing equipment or general décor. From first aid and rubber bands to premium tattoo furniture, there is no need to go anywhere else for your tattoo supplies. We even supply equipment for the mobile tattooist such as travel cases with separate compartments. Anything you can think of we will have it, including anything needed for aftercare and other general sundries including Vaseline.