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  1. Spiral Sketch Pad
    There are no shortage of options when...

    From 65,00 kr

  2. Smooth Drawing Pad 96gsm (50 Sheets)
    There are a selection of options avai...

    From 60,26 kr

  3. Layout Pad sheets 45gsm
    The layout pad is an effective option...

    From 50,00 kr

  4. Black Hard Back Spiral Sketch Book A4 40 shee
    When it comes to finding the perfect ...
    123,00 kr
  5. Bristol Board Pad 250gsm
    We supply high quality Bristol Board ...

    From 73,00 kr

  6. Bristol Board Pad A4 20 sheets 250gsm
    This particular option of pad provide...
    73,00 kr
  7. Layout Pad A4 80 sheets 45gsm
    This layout pad is a fantastic option...
    50,00 kr
  8. Layout Pad A3 80 sheets 45gsm
    The layout pad is a great option for ...
    99,00 kr
  9. Bristol Board Pad A3 20 sheets 250gsm
    If you’re looking for a sturdy and re...
    103,60 kr
  10. Gummed Sketch Pad 130gsm
    There are no shortage of options when...

    From 99,00 kr

10 Items

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Barber DTS have a high quality collection of artist sketchbooks including hard backed, spiral and gummed depending on your preference when designing. Getting your design right, especially if it is for a customer is very important so having the right art supplies is imperative. We have both A4 and A3 sketch pads and book for any tattoo design size on varying types of paper depending on how you want your tattoo to look whether it is more scientific or a more flowing natural design.