Studio Bundles

We’ve put together some studio consumable offers we think will help in the day to day running costs of a tattoo studio. Featuring discounts on daily used products such as gloves, prep razors, cohesive bandage (grip wrap), tongue depressors as well as Nikko Hurtado’s Anchored Stencil Solution and Vegan Blue Cream. Fill your basket now and stock up your studio.

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  1. Cohesive Bandage - 24 for 20
    Get 24 rolls for the price of 20 on a...
    300,00 kr
  2. Tongue Depressors - 5 for 4
    Get 5 boxes for the price of 4 on the...
    76,00 kr
  3. Barber Gloves - 10 for 8
    Powder free Latex or Nitrile black Ba...
    480,00 kr
  4. Prep Razors - 5 for 4
    Single sided prep razors for the remo...
    492,00 kr
  5. Nikko Hurtado Bundle
    Pick and mix any 2 of Nikko Hurtado’s...
    431,00 kr

5 Items

per page

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