Check out our extensive range of footswitches for powering your machines. We have some fantastic designs that are available in different sizes and prices from leading manufacturers like Incredible, TatSoul, Eikon, Moment and Magic Moon. They all range from various different prices that are based on the quality of the machine and the quality that they produce. Whatever style you are suited to we are sure to have it here at Barber from latching and non-latching to wireless and wired this is what you will need to produce great work.

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  1. Barber DTS Footless Footswitch (Handswitch)
    If you are an artist who currently us...
    132,00 kr
  2. Footswitch Pro (Non-Latching)
    Light pressure On/Off action. Non-sli...

    From 132,00 kr

2 Items

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