Sterile Piercing Needles

A selection of sterile piercing needles are available at Barber DTS to meet all your needs and expectations. The needles come in a variety of different sizes ensuring that there are needles appropriate for different piercings and different sized piercings. Available from a range of popular brands including Braun and Safelet Nippro we have something for every professional piercer. All needles are made to the highest of standards using high quality materials. This ensures that they have needle sharp points that can easily penetrate the skin for as little trauma as possible. Individually blister packed all needles are sterile and ready to use.

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  1. Braun Introcan Needles
    Braun Introcan Needles
    These Introcan needles are a high qua...

    From 12,00 kr

  2. Safelet Nippro Needles
    Safelet Nippro Needles
    Safelet Nippro Piercing Needles avail...

    From 264,00 kr

  3. Sterile Needle Blades
    Sterile Needle Blades
    These high quality sterile needle bla...

    From 552,00 kr

  4. Mosquito Sterile SR Catheter - Box of 50
    Mosquito Sterile SR Catheter - Box of 50
    No need for scissors! These German ma...

    From 279,99 kr

4 Items

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