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New products available to buy NOW from Barber DTS. Barber DTS are the UK's leading and largest supplier of Tattoo & Piercing goods. Keep an eye out here for any new products as we are always adding to our ever growing product lines.

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  1. Viscot Twin Tip Skin Marker
    The Dual Tip Marker has waterproof pe...
    10,00 kr
  2. Stencil Stuff Prep Stuff 240ml/8oz
    Prep Stuff is for prepping the skin p...
    252,00 kr
  3. TATSoul Platform Footswitch - Black
    TATSoul introduces the TATSoul Platfo...
    432,00 kr
  4. FK Irons High Tension Clipcord
    This High Tension clipcord will remai...
    204,00 kr
  5. Kuro Sumi - Lining/Shading/Soft Shading 3 Bottle Set - 6oz (180ml)
    6oz Lining and Shading Ink set by Kur...
    497,00 kr
  6. 180ml/6oz. Kuro Sumi Cherry 3 Bottle Set
    Kuro Sumi® Cherry Shading Ink gives ...
    497,00 kr
  7. Kuro Sumi 16 Colour 30ml/1oz Set Primary Kit2
    Kuro Sumi Colours 16 Color Set Primar...
    1 243,00 kr
  8. 180ml/6oz. Kuro Sumi Master 9 Bottle Set
    Kuro Sumi® Master 9 Bottle Set 180ml...
    1 525,00 kr
  9. RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply (inc. 4 Power Packs)
    Includes 4 power packs The RPS-600 w...
    10 080,00 kr
  10. RPS-600 Wireless Power Pack Only
    Powerpacks are made with leading edge...
    1 860,00 kr
  11. RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply (inc. 2 Power Packs)
    Includes 2 power packs The RPS-600 w...
    8 520,00 kr
  12. Panthera Polar White Ink 150ml
    Polar White Ink is one of Panthera's ...
    260,00 kr
    Out of stock

Items 1 to 12 of 18 Total

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