Bez's Ego

Bez’s EGO silicone biogrip products are now available at Barber DTS. The biogrip is the most renowned grip in the industry, providing a unique design which addresses all of the concerns and needs of the tattoo artist. The grips are made of high-quality silicone, providing durability and comfort as well as minimising vibrations to the joints. The smooth, natural curves provide excellent balance to your tattoo machine and a soft ergonomic grip helps achieve long lasting comfort for sessions of any length.

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  1. Bez's Ego Silicone Biogrip - White (19mm-3/4"")
    This is designed to reduce vibrations...
    156,00 kr
  2. Bez's Ego Silicone Biogrip - Orange
    The biogrip provides you with a comfo...

    From 156,00 kr

2 Items

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