Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue are suppliers of protective clothing for use in tattoo and piercing studios. A variety of aprons are available perfect for storing essentials and keeping clothing clean. Depending on your preferences both full, partial and minimalistic aprons are available.

The Anniversary Apron comes in a variety of different colours and can be adjusted to fit people of different heights. With a split leg the apron allows maximum movement and coverage at all times for the best possible protection. Removable neck, leg and waist straps allows for easy cleaning and looking after.

Other aprons include the Reversible Vinyl/Denim Leg Split apron which is completely reversible. One side is made from vinyl for easy cleaning and the other is made from a comfortable denim twill. The One Leg Lap apron offers coverage across the lap and down one leg. It is ideal for those who need less coverage and require a minimalistic look. For those who need barely any cover at all the Minimalist Leg apron is available. Designed to fit on either the right or left leg to protect clothing from contamination.

All clothing from Search and Rescue is made to the highest of standards for a comfortable fit and reliable finish.