FK Irons

FK Irons otherwise known as Fallen King Irons supply tattoo machines for the professional artist. The first machines by the brand were crafted out of a solid billet of cold rolled steel ensuring that they were precise and reliable to use. By 2010 they entered the rotary age and introduced the Spektra Halo featuring a detachable motor system.

FK Irons tattoo machines are a favourite amongst professional tattoo artists. Some existing machines include the Spektra Direkt, Spektra Rotary Edge, Spektra Rotary Edge X and the AL 13 Proton. All models are easy to use and offer versatility for a smooth tattooing process. As well as their extensive range of tattoo machines the brand also supply a variety of other tattoo equipment. Delta footswitches in various colours are available, RPG Click cartridge grips that are fully autoclavable and clipcords. All are made with the artist in mind and to the highest of standards for a long lasting and dependable finish.