Lauro Paolini

Barber DTS are delighted to supply tattoo grips from Lauro Paolini in a variety of different designs, sizes and colours. Grips you can expect to find by the brand include the Nylon grip, Incredible grip, and Coprigrip. Nylon grips are made from a high quality nylon and are then treated to make them strong and robust. Incredible grips are made from stainless steel and feature a half knurled design whereas Coprigrips are silicone tubes designed to fit over your grip to act as a cushion. All products are designed to provide maximum control and comfort for accurate tattooing. Various sizes and designs ensure that there is something for every tattooists needs.

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  1. Incredibile 14mm
    De 14mm Incredible uiteinde door is ...
    € 11,60
  2. Stainless Steel Grip including Coprigrip in Silicone
    Comes equipped with a copigrip, a cus...

    Van € 17,80

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2 Artikel