InkJet Stencils

Say goodbye to messy thermal carbon printing! We are super proud to introduce InkJet Stencils to the UK & European Tattoo Industry. You will be amazed with the quality of your stencils using the InkJet stencil printing system and also just how much you reduce your weekly/monthly running costs! Using InkJet Stencil ink and a compatible EPSON Ecotank printer along with the tracing paper makes the cost of making a stencil LESS than half the price of traditional carbon methods.

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  1. Inkjet Tracing Paper - 500 Sheets
    Addio carta carbone! 500 fogli di car...
    30,00 €
  2. InkJet Stencils Prep Spray 8oz
    La soluzione InkJet Stencil Prep Spra...
    12,00 €
  3. InkJet Stencil 4oz Bottle
    Say goodbye to thermal carbon printin...
    185,00 €

3 Prodotti

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