Thermal Copiers

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  1. Black Thermal Copier
    This Black Thermal Copier is created ...
    184,49 €
  2. Lampada termica copiatrice
    Crea stencil definiti e dettagliati d...
    499,00 €
  3. Panenka / Unigraph Thermal copier A4 Next Gen 953H1a
    The Panenka / Unigraph Thermal copier...
    1.150,00 €
  4. Stampante Brother PJ-773 Wi-Fi
    La Brother PJ-763 Wi-Fi è una stampan...
    652,49 €
  5. Thermal Copier Lamp and Spares
    The Thermal copier lamp is the ideal ...

    dal 145,99 €

  6. Stampante Brother PJ-763 MFI Bluetooth & USB
    La Brother PocketJet PJ-763 MFI è una...
    660,49 €

6 Prodotti

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Barber DTS supply everything you need for your tattoo studio including thermal copiers, tattoo accessories and more. Thermal copiers are an important piece of kit for your studio allowing tattoo designs to be printed and transferred to the skin. This allows the customer to visualise the outcome of their tattoo before agreeing to have it done. A thermal copier can be used with thermal copier paper, also available at Barber DTS. As well as Thermal Copiers we also supply thermal copier lamps to replace those that have broken. This is a far cheaper option than having to replace the whole machine.