Sgabelli per lo Studio

Barber DTS have a superb range of tattoo stools available for use in tattoo and piercing studios. Available in a huge range of designs, shoes and sizes, we are certain that we have something to meet your needs and expectations. All of our stools are small in size allowing them to be easily moved and stored away when not in use. They also feature wheels to the bottom of them ensuring that they can be easily manoeuvred across the floor when changing position. We have stools without back rests and with back rests depending on your preferences, and all are adjustable so that you can sit at your preferred height. Stools available from us include the Saddle Top Stool, TATSoul Tattoo Stool, Ergo Chair Tattoo stool and the Luxury Operator Stool.

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  1. Tat Tech - Black Tone Artist Stool
    Rifinito in nero, questo sgabello art...
    99,99 €
  2. Tat Tech Duotone Artist Stool
    Rifinito in rosso e nero, questo sgab...
    Prezzo Speciale 84,79 € Era 110,99 €
  3. Selena - Tattoo Stool - Black
    Suitable and essential for any studio...
    49,99 €
  4. Eos - Tattoo stool - Black
    Suitable and essential for any studio...
    63,99 €
  5. Friction Pro Client Chair & Stool
    Approfitta di questo pacchetto che ha...
    519,99 €
  6. Sgabello TatSoul tatuaggio
    Questo prodotto è disponibile per il ...
    103,99 €
  7. Sgabello operatore di lusso
    Se si preferisce nero o blu, questo s...

    dal 219,99 €

  8. Sgabello alto sella
    Barber DTS sono lieti di presentare l...
    137,99 €

8 Prodotti

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