Supporting emerging talent within the tattoo industry is important to us at Barber DTS and we choose to sponsor featured artists and studios. This allows them to continue delivering exceptional artwork to their customers and develop their talent.

Vintage Tattoo Studio, Bolton

Mikey Boland has already established himself and his studio, Vintage Tattoo as one of the most reputable, respected and best equipped studios in the area and in the country.

Mikey can be seen across the country at conventions and has recently set up regular tattoo duels at the shop which bring together the nation’s leading artists to compete in their specialist area of tattooing in order to win bespoke trophies, develop their skills and learn off one another.


All Ink Tattoo, Sheffield

Jack Shutt is owner and manager of All Ink Tattoo Studio in Sheffield. Jack specialises in black & grey realism but has started introducing more colour to his work.

Jack attends conventions across the UK with a few international conventions in there also. Still being young, Jack’s style and skills are improving with each piece and it’s exciting to be a part of what is to come.

 Lucky 13 Tattoo Studio, Barnsley / Truth or Dare Tattoo Studio, Sheffield

Tattoos at the established Lucky13 in Barnsley, and the newly open Truth Or Dare in Sheffield City Centre.

He is known for his bold yet detailed Colour work in a Traditional/Neo-Traditional style and his black/stipple work.

He has become a mainstay at some of the best UK conventions over the past 5 years such as Liverpool, Brighton, Tattoo Tea Party etc over the past 7 years of tattooing and has been published in most major tattoo publications around the world.

True Colour Sanctuary, York

Daniel Walczak AKA Polish Dan is an extremely talented, award-winning tattoo artist whose work has been featured in multiple tattoo magazines such as Skin Deep and Total Tattoo.

Polish Dan's hyper realistic tattoos are some of the best in the industry and his skills rival the world's greatest artists.

Emilio Winter - House of Wolves, Hull

Emilio is another deeply talented artist who recently moved from True Colour Sanctuary, York and opened his own, already successful studio named House of Wolves in Hull. Emilio has created some stunning black & white tattoos with a splash of colour and is constantly growing within the industry with regular guest spots around the world, his most recent being over in Canada! His talent is something to behold and is only getting better by the day! Watch out for this one.

This Mortal Coil, Manchester

This Mortal Coil Tattoo Gallery, are a large private tattoo studio based in Altrincham, Manchester. Owned by the multi-award winning tattoo artist Dan Hancock and ran by his trusted shop manager Sam Hadcock. They specialize in all corners of black & grey from realism portraits to mandalas, all designs are custom made for the client. Check out the social links for full artist portfolios.

Tattooend Studio in London & Austria

Hungarian sponsored artist Endre Szabo, born and raised in the capital Budapest started tattooing on the year 2000. He has worked in studios across the world including his native Hungry as well as Austria and New Zealand and now owns his own studio in London by the name of TattooEnd. Himself, his partner Marta & apprentice Bee are the artists in the busy high street studio.

Endres favoured style is realism but with an artistic touch opposed to photo-realism. At TattooEnd they only take out custom tattoo designs meaning every piece of work done is unique to the client. This is important to Endre, Marta and Bee as artists and also their customers as it means they will have a piece that is truly theirs.

House of Pain, Helmstedt, Germany

Roy is a self-taught artist, starting in 1990. During his career he has met many different artists who have helped improve his different techniques.

He is very thankful of all the people who have helped him along the way. Roy has no preference in style, just likes to crack on with anything from shadows, colours, realism, etc... And treats each tattoo with the same dedication, big, small, easy or difficult and always gives his heart and soul to each client.

Roy owns House of Pain in Helmstedt, Germany and attends conventions around the globe.

Father and son, located in s-Hertogenbosch, Holland. In 2014 they opened a new shop in Wijchen, where Nicky is in charge. They are all very talented artists and one of their skills are Japanese/ oriental tattoos. Boy is an upcoming talent, he has his very own unique way of tattooing. Because of that he wins more and more awards on each convention he attends. Boy is an artist we will hear a lot more from in the future! Checkout the links for more info and artist portfolios.

Arttris , Spain

David Barrera has owned his tattoo studio Arttris in Madrid since 2011, he started his tattoo career in a very curious way. He always has been part of the graffiti world since he was 7 years old, but he never dared to try his skills with the needles. One of his student introduce him to this world, and now you can find him growing every day in this profession.

He is planning to start a tour in LA this year working with one of the best: Roman Abrego. He has participated in many Tattoo conventions in Spain: Madrid (Mulafest), Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Malaga and Zaragoza; and planning to be part of the tattoo conventions in Milan, London, Paris, and Florence.

Misti-Ka, France

Frank Anzalone is a French tattoo artist who likes to work with colour and illustrative realism. Objects, chimeras, animals or characters, anything goes!

Self-taught, versatile and manual arts enthusiast, he never ceases to grow, to assert his style and network with other interesting artistic personalities. You'll see him at conventions and guest spots, but mostly valence, near Lyon, where he has his tattoo studio, Misti-Ka.

Traveling Artist

Luis is a travelling artist, guest spotting in many countries including the UK, Denmark, Norway & Switzerland. Luis specialises in realism, both colour and black and grey tattoos. Luis has won several awards at tattoo conventions across the globe including the most recent at Rotterdam 2015 Convention with his realistic Dr House / Hugh Laurie portrait.

Santa Cruz Kustom Club, Stirling, Scotland

Chris Meighan's newest tattoo studio in Stirling, Scotland. Two resident, multi award winning artists; Chris Meighan & Tamas Dikac, along with Colin Hislop & the studio apprentice Mark Love and numerous guest artists throughout the year. Covering most styles but specialising in portraits (both black & grey and colour) and realism

Crossroads Tattoo Studio, Fife, Scotland

Multi-award winning tattoo studio Crossroads in Fife, Scotland boasts some incredible talent. Talent in the form of experienced owner Andy Syme, the incredible Kerry Hutchinson, the up and coming Jamie Adair and apprentice Lauren. The team attend many conventions throughout the UK bagging awards and making themselves know more and more as they go.

Tokyotattoo Studios, Cheltenham, UK

Tokyotattoo® was born with a clear brand vision and a strong personality – think super stylish, super hygienic, an avant-grade super studio. Providing custom and freehand work creating bespoke and unique art for all clients by expertly skilled tattoo artists, specialising in a range of styles covering all tattooing techniques: Black/Grey, Colour, Sailor Jerry/Old-School/Neo-Traditional, Realism/Portraits, Asian/Japanese, Geometric & Script. The team changes from time to time as they have amazing guest artists from around the world, keeping waiting lists down and variety for the customers.

Mikki Bold, Obscurum Ink

Considered as a reference on his field, Mikki Bold works most of the time in his tattoo studio in Rouen, Normandy (France). He is a self-taught artist and an expert in modern and graphic styles. His avant-garde designs are often composed of stencils, geometric patterns, painting effects, watercolours or dot work. Besides the many tattoo conventions he often attends to, he also works as a guest in France in Lyon, Angers and Clermont-Ferrand as well as Brussels (Belgium) and London UK.

Titans’ Harbor, Rome, Italy

Flavio Atzeni was born in Rome November 21 1985, he discovered a passion for tattoos at the age of only 8 years, seeing his uncle tattooing with a homemade machine, built with simple battery and recycling the motor of the world famous Walkman. Thanks to the inspiration taken from his uncle, the passion for drawing and the school he attended, Flavio begins to enter the world of tattoos, attending one of the first courses for tattoo at age 20, finding himself with the best artists of the Roman scene, who taught him a lot. Well established in the field, Flavio expands his cultural baggage participating in national and international conventions and eventually opened his own studio, the Titans'harbor.