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New products available to buy NOW from Barber DTS. Barber DTS are the UK's leading and largest supplier of Tattoo & Piercing goods. Keep an eye out here for any new products as we are always adding to our ever growing product lines.

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  1. Viscot Twin Tip Skin Marker
    The Dual Tip Marker has waterproof pe...
  2. Bishop Rotary 6ft RCA Cord
    - Gold Plated Split-tip Centre Pin an...
  3. Stencil Stuff Prep Stuff 240ml/8oz
    Prep Stuff is for prepping the skin p...
  4. FK Irons High Tension Clipcord
    This High Tension clipcord will remai...
  5. Panthera Polar White Ink 150ml
    Polar White Ink is one of Panthera's ...
  6. Brother A4 Mobile Thermal Printer (PJ-723)
    Create the sharpest and most detailed...
  7. Kuro Sumi - Lining/Shading/Soft Shading 3 Bottle Set - 6oz (180ml)
    6oz Lining and Shading Ink set by Kur...
  8. Max Signorello Footswitch
    A simple, robust and durable footswit...
  9. 180ml/6oz. Kuro Sumi Cherry 3 Bottle Set
    Kuro Sumi® Cherry Shading Ink gives ...
  10. Kuro Sumi 16 Colour 30ml/1oz Set Primary Kit3
    Kuro Sumi Colours 16 Color Set Primar...
  11. Kuro Sumi 16 Colour 30ml/1oz Set Primary Kit1
    12 Colour Sampler Pack of Eternals pr...
  12. RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply (inc. 2 Power Packs)
    Includes 2 power packs The RPS-600 w...

Items 1 to 12 of 19 Total

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