Fixed and Flex Grips

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  1. Cheyenne - 19mm Fixed Grip - Stainless Steel
    This is a comfortable and reliable op...
  2. Cheyenne - 22mm Flex Grip - Black
    This is one of two options when it co...
  3. Cheyenne - 25.4mm Flex Grip - Black
    This products are a reliable and dura...

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The unique design of the Cheyenne grips offers users extreme comfort and ease of use. The ergonomic design and lightness of the grip with its ribbed and galvanized outer surface provide the usability of Cheyenne's spirit grips as well as the use of Cheyenne's needle cartridges, the quick to change, easy to use and
hygenic needle system of over 37 combinations. The core benefit of the Cheyenne Flex Grip is the simple yet effective needle depth adjustment from a simple turn of the comes with needle bar and 3 test cartridges.

 Cheyenne Flex Grip