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Alla Prima Disposable Tips

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Alla Prima plastic tips are manufactured from FDA approved surgical plastic making them some of the safest and reliable tips available. Although made from plastic the tips are not disposable and can be fully autoclaved so that you can use them time and time again. Unlike stainless steel tips Alla Prima tips will not wear down and thus not affect the performance of the needle. Due to being made from plastic there is no chance of ink becoming discoloured ensuring that the colour stays true in the tip and below the skin. The tips also allow excellent visibility of a colour eliminating any dulling that can interfere with judgement. Alla Prima tips come as Sureglide 3-7 Liner tips, Sureglide 7 Magnum tips, Sureglide 9 Magnum tips, Sureglide 11 Magnum tips, Sureglide 13 Magnum tips and Sureglide 15 Magnum tips.