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  1. Wide Base Pigment Cups
    These are carefully designed ink cups...

    From €7.99

  2. TATSoul Paper Ink Caps
    Lower your carbon footprint with thes...

    From €7.00

  3. Pigment Cups
    These disposable pigment cups are pro...

    From €3.39

  4. Stable Tattoo Colour Ink Caps
    These Stable Plastic Tattoo Ink Caps ...

    From €16.99

  5. Silicone Ink Cups 13mm (100 per tub)
    Increase stability when it comes to t...
  6. Cheyenne Cups
    These are an effective and creative l...

    From €11.99

  7. Quick Caps (pack of 20)
    When it comes to saving time, money a...
  8. Pigment Cups Medium - to fit hole 15.4mm 100
    A bag of 100 loose pigment pots in me...
  9. Pigment Cups Large - to fit hole 18.5mm 100
    A bag of 100 loose pigment pots in la...
  10. Pigment Cups Midget - to fit hole 10.9mm 100
    A bag of 100 loose pigment pots in mi...
  11. Pigment Cups Small - to fit hole 12.3mm 100
    A bag of 100 loose pigment pots in sm...
  12. Pigment Cups with Flip Lid
    Many technicians use them to hold pig...

    From €13.99

  13. DipCap - Box of 24
    DIPCAP by Bishop Rotary is the world'...
  14. Piranha Wide Base Pigment Cups x1000
    Piranha Wide Base Pigment Cups

    From €15.25

14 Items

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Pigment cups from Barber come in a variety of different sizes to fit a range of holders. We even offer pigment cups with flips lids to avoid any spillages. Our pigment cups come in 7 different sizes allowing you to mix large or small quantities of ink depending on the size of the area you are tattooing meaning there will be less waste. Using a flip lid also means that you can safely put your ink to one side and concentrate on another area with it becoming contaminated or being spilled. Barber also sell a range of pigment cups holders designed to fit a variety of pigment cup sizes so you can keep your tattooing area clean and tidy.