Hand Towels/Couch Rolls

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  1. Bed / Couch Covers (10 per pack)
    The Barber DTS bed covers come in pac...
  2. Cova Tattoo Wiping Cloths
    Cova Tattoo Wiping Cloths are the fir...
  3. Couch Rolls
    Use these handy couch rolls in your s...

    From €27.99

  4. ORA Kitchen Towel
    Strong, absorbent, versatile One han...
  5. Hand Towels
    Disposable hand towels can be an inex...

    From €24.55

  6. Centrefeed Rolls
    We can provide both White 2ply and Bl...

    From €21.25

  7. Wipe Outz™ Dry, Sterilized Tattoo Towels, 10 Pack
    Designed and tested by Mike & cre...

    From €5.89

  8. Mini Centrefeed Rolls
    Having these mini centre feed paper r...

    From €33.29

8 Items

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