Stencil Transfer

Stencil Transfer

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  1. White Vaseline
    Convenient Vaseline Single Packs for ...

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  2. The Original Stencil Stuff 250ml
    The original Stencil Stuff created by...
    €21.06 Incl. Tax: €25.48
  3. Electrum Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer
    Keep your stencil locked onto the ski...

    From €8.25 Incl. Tax: €9.98

  4. Hectograph Carbon Paper
    Pack of 25 Spirit A4 Purple Hectograp...
    €10.40 Incl. Tax: €12.58
  5. Anchored Stencil Solution - 8oz Bottle
    A good tattoo begins with a good sten...
    €25.49 Incl. Tax: €30.84
  6. InkJet Stencils Prep Spray 8oz
    8oz InkJet Stencil Prep Spray which i...
    €12.00 Incl. Tax: €14.52
  7. Spirit Barrier Transfer Cream
    From ReproFX, the makers of Spirit Ta...

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  8. Stencil Premium
    It is a high quality product , very e...

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  9. Electrum Gold Standard CBD Wash 2oz (60ml)
    Use Electrum Gold Standard CBD Wash d...
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  10. Sorry Mom Hold Fast Stencil Solution
    Carefully developed in collaboration ...

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  11. Electrum Gold Standard Tattoo Stencil Primer - 8oz (240ml)
    Electrum Gold Standard Tattoo Stencil...
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  12. Stencil Plus Spray by AloeTattoo®
    Stencil Plus Spray from the team at A...

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  13. Tracing Paper
    It is important to use high quality s...

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  14. Red Fire Stencil Gel 125ml
    Red Fire stencil gel by Lauro Paolini...
    €6.79 Incl. Tax: €8.22
  15. NOX Violet Hectograph Ink - Freehand - 2oz/60ml
    Created in collaboration with the sup...
    €19.99 Incl. Tax: €24.19
  16. Skin 2 Paper Roll - 300cm x 45cm
    Skin 2 Paper is a product that will m...
    €9.60 Incl. Tax: €11.62
  17. Tracing Paper A4 Sheets 90gsm
    A4 tracing paper by Barber DTS is a m...
    €13.19 Incl. Tax: €15.96
  18. Tracing Paper A3 Sheets 90gsm
    A3 tracing paper by Barber DTS is a m...
    €24.65 Incl. Tax: €29.83
  19. A4 Thermal Paper – Purple (8½ x 11”) - 100 Pack
    Thermal copier paper by Spirit is use...
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  20. The Original Stencil Stuff 4oz/120ml
    The original Stencil Stuff created by...
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  21. Stencil Honey 200ml
    A good tattoo starts with preparation...
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  22. S8 Red Series Stencil Kit
    The New RED Tattoo Stencil Transfer S...
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  23. Hulk Professional Superbond
    HULK Super Strength Stencil Bond is t...
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Stencil transfers are used as a guide for the tattoo artist and are transferred onto the skin as a preliminary as to what the tattoo will look like. The detail of the transfer will depend on the complexity of the design and how confident the artist is free hand. Barber DTS has a range of stencilling equipment including carbon paper and transfer machine so you have all you need to the tattoo design perfect first time round. We also have stencil lotions which will help enhance the appearance of the tattoo transfer and sprays that will allow the transfer ink to stay on the skin longer while you work.