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  1. Viscot Mini Tattoo Skin Marker
    The Mini Tattoo Markers are filled wi...
  2. Viscot Twin Tip Skin Marker
    The Dual Tip Marker has waterproof pe...
  3. Viscot Value Tattoo Skin Marker
    The Vismark™ Value Skin Markers...
  4. Tattoo Skin Doodler Pens
    These Skin Doodler pens are ideal for...

    From €1.65

  5. Skin Marker Sterile
    The sterile skin marker by Barber DTS...
  6. Viscot Twin Tip Skin Marker
    The Twin Tip Marker is filled with tr...
  7. Skin Marker Pen
    Ensure you always use a specialised S...
  8. Tombow Brushpens
    Add a set of these brilliant marker p...

    From €4.09

  9. Stencil Premium Eraser
    Tattoo Stencil Eraser by AloeTattoo® ...
  10. Viscot Mini XL Tattoo Skin Marker
    The first prep resistant ink skin mar...
  11. Brushpen Skinmarkers
    These brush pen skin markers from Edd...

    From €1.65

  12. Skin Doodler Pen Holder - Black
    Skin doodlers are a popular pen becau...
  13. Viscot Allskin Plus+ Blue Skin Marker
    The first prep resistant ink skin mar...
  14. Brushpen Skinmarkers -10 Different Colours
    Brushpen Skinmarkers -10 Different Colours
  15. NOX Violet Hectograph Ink - Freehand - 2oz/60ml
    Created in collaboration with the sup...
  16. Surgical Pen Torch
    The surgical pen torch by Barber DTS ...
  17. Dual Ended Pens
    Tattoo equipment feather Point & ...

    From €3.99

  18. Black Rotring
    Rotring drawing ink is a high quality...
  19. Prismacolor Chisel Art Markers - 12 Pack Primary
    Prismacolor professional artist quali...
  20. Skin Doodlers Skin Surfer Pens
    Ideal for freehand work or touching u...

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20 Items

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Barber DTS has an excellent range of tattoo art supplies including markers for skin. We have sterile pens and skin doodler pens made specifically for drawing directly on the skin. We have a range of colours and a selection of pen holders to ensure the best design possible. The pens are made with a 1mm ball point for excellent precision so are great for freehand designs and outlines. We only use sterilised inks from Japan in these pens so they are totally safe for human skin and the tips are created by a Swiss machine that allows an even ink flow. These pens can also be used for marking out piercing locations.