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  1. A4 Thermal Paper – Purple (8½ x 11”)
    Thermal copier paper by Spirit is use...
  2. 8 ½ x 14” Thermal Paper – Purple
    This is a reliable and durable select...
  3. Spirit Barrier Transfer Cream
    From ReproFX, the makers of Spirit Ta...

    From €4.99

  4. Spirit A4 Purple Hecto Carbon Paper - Box of 200
    Box of 200, This Original Spirit Purp...
  5. Spirit Freehand Transfer Paper 8.5x11"" (100)
    Tattoo Transfer Paper 100 pack 8.5 ...
  6. Spirit Green Transfer Cream
    Spirit™ Green Cream has been speciall...

    From €5.99

  7. Spirit Green Thermal Paper
    Spirit™ Green Thermal works just like...

    From €47.45

  8. Spirit Green 11"" Freehand Paper
    • 1st ever green coloured freehand sh...
  9. Spirit Green 11""Carbon Paper (25s)
    To the professional artist who wants ...
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    Out of stock

9 Items

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Barber have a fantastic range of studio supplies available to make sure that you are properly equipped and look professional. Our extensive range of products include Anaesthetics, Antiseptics, Disinfectants, Lubricants, Art Supplies, Bottles, Containers, Consumables, Couches, Lamps, Dressing, Tapes, Flash Displayers, Gloves and much more. Everything every tattoo artist could need is all here at Barber, why go anywhere else?