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At Barber DTS we have a very wide range when it comes to piercing equipment. We have the obvious such as piercing guns to the smaller essentials such as instrument traps, measuring gauges, tragus forceps, needle holders and many more. The range of piercing equipment will fully covers your needs, no matter how random the piercings you are wanting to carry out are. Here at barber we have them all. Barber also offer various types of needles, the more popular Braun needle through to the Median alpha needle, be sure to check them all out.

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  1. Mini Forceps
    Baber DTS are pleased to present the ...
  2. Tongue Marker
    Using a tongue marker when pierce is ...
  3. Ring Forceps 5.5mm hole
    Barber DTS are please to present the ...
  4. Prince Albert Piercing Kit
    The Prince Albert tool is designed sp...
  5. Sterile Needle Blades
    These high quality sterile needle bla...

    From €57.99

  6. Tragus Forceps
    The tragus forceps is a piercing inst...
  7. Tweezers
    Barber DTS supply a range of piercing...
  8. Ring Opening Pliers-Pliers 15cm
    Ring Opening Pliers-Pliers 15cm
  9. Ring Opening Pliers
    These ring opening pliers are ideal f...

    From €27.60

  10. Nose Tool
    The nose tool by Pierce Artist is a b...
  11. Ring Opening Pliers-Pliers 18cm
    Ring Opening Pliers-Pliers 18cm
  12. Needle Holder
    Barber DTS are pleased to present the...

Items 1 to 12 of 15 Total

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