Barber DTS are pleased to supply a variety of tattoo grips to meet the individual needs and expectations of tattoo artists. Some grips that you can expect to come across include Hannibal grips, Morphix grips and Tyson grips. A range of both open and closed tips are available depending on your needs and preferences as an artist. Materials used include stainless steel for a grip that is both strong and long lasting. They are designed to be lightweight for easy handling but also have good balance qualities for maximum control. Some grips provide texturing to their bodies making sure that there is an element of friction between the hand and grip to prevent them from slipping.

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  1. Hannibal 23-25
    Hannibal 23-25
    The 23-25 Hannibal tip by Incredible ...
  2. Morphix Flatiron Grip
    Morphix Flatiron Grip
    The Morphix Flatiron Grip is an ergon...
  3. Morphix Humbolt Grip
    Morphix Humbolt Grip
    The advantages of using a Morphix Hum...
  4. Stainless Fixed Grip For Inkjecta Flite v2.1 Vice Version
    Stainless Fixed Grip For Inkjecta Flite v2.1 Vice Version
    The high-quality Stainless Steel Fixe...
  5. Tyson 39-41
    Tyson 39-41
    The Tyson 39-41 large magnum tip by i...
  6. Vanguard Stainless Steel Grip 1”
    Vanguard Stainless Steel Grip 1”
    TATSoul Stainless Steel 1” Vanguard C...
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6 Items

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