Fixed and Flex Grips

Cheyenne fixed and flex grips are the perfect addition for any tattooist. They provide exceptional comfort and ease of use, this is because they are lightweight and provide excellent grip for the tattooist ensuring precision and accuracy when tattooing someone. With over 37 combinations of needle and grip you are always going to find the right set up whatever you choose. This is a truly amazing piece of equipment which will not only benefit you but give your customers the maximum benefit as well.

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  1. Cheyenne - 19mm Fixed Grip - Stainless Steel
    This is a comfortable and reliable op...
  2. Cheyenne - 22mm Flex Grip - Black
    This is one of two options when it co...
  3. Cheyenne - 25.4mm Flex Grip - Black
    This products are a reliable and dura...

3 Items

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