Black, White & Clear

Barber DTS supply a fantastic range of tattoo ink colours from popular brand name Silverback Ink®. Included in their range are black, white & clear inks for line work, shading and dipping. Silverback have some of the best black tattoo ink on the market, coming in various different shades to create light and dark areas on tattoos. Each and every bottle of tattoo ink by the brand is made to the highest of standards for excellent flow and healing qualities. The brand also have a range of tattoo ink sets available including Instablack inks and Original Greywash inks.

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  1. Silverback Ink® Stupid Black - 4oz

    Tan negro que es estúpido

    28,50 €
  2. Silverback Ink® Claro
    Silverback Ink® - Claro _x000D__x000...
    12,00 €
  3. Silverback Ink® Black Th1rt3en (30ml or 120ml)
    La más reciente adición a la gama Sil...
    a partir de

    a partir de 11,00 €

  4. Silverback Ink® Blanco
    Silverback - Blanco _x000D__x000D_ ...
    28,50 €

4 Artículos

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