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  1. Charcoal Pencils
    lápices de carbón
    a partir de

    a partir de 0,91 €

    Fuera de existencia
  2. Spiral Sketch Pad
    Espiral Bloc de dibujo
    a partir de

    a partir de 2,90 €

  3. Pencil Sharpener
    1,75 €
  4. Layout Pad sheets 45gsm
    Disposición Pad hojas 45gsm
    a partir de

    a partir de 4,75 €

  5. Kneadable Putty Eraser
    Masilla moldeable Borrador
    1,75 €
  6. Graphic Pencil Set - Tin 6 Assorted
    Lápiz gráfico Set - Estaño 6 surtidos
    9,75 €
  7. Polychromos Artists Pencil
    Los artistas Polychromos Lápiz
    a partir de

    a partir de 21,99 €

  8. Plastic Eraser
    Borrador de plástico
    1,75 €
  9. Bristol Board Pad 250gsm
    250 g Bristol Junta Pad
    a partir de

    a partir de 6,79 €

  10. Gummed Sketch Pad 130gsm
    130gsm engomado Cuaderno borrador
    a partir de

    a partir de 9,25 €

  11. Smooth Drawing Pad 96gsm (50 Sheets)
    uniforme de líneas Pad 96gsm (50 hoja...
    a partir de

    a partir de 5,81 €

11 Artículos

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Barber DTS have a high quality collection of artist sketchbooks, pencils and equipment. Getting your design right, especially if it is for a customer is very important so having the right art supplies is imperative. We have both A4 and A3 sketch pads and book for any tattoo design size on varying types of paper depending on how you want your tattoo to look whether it is more scientific or a more flowing natural design.