Invictus Rotary Tattoo Machines

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Barber DTS are thrilled to supply rotary tattoo machines by Invictus. We have two designs available including the Invictus Micro Glide and the Invictus Direct Drive in both Brass and Black. The Invictus Micro Glide is a popular tattoo machine that offers artists maximum control for accuracy and precision. The body has been machined from 7075 aviation grade aluminium for a strong and durable outer that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Available in various different strokes including 2.6mm for lining and shading, 3.4mm for colouring and solid block fill and 4.2mm also great for lining as well as traditional style colouring. The Invictus Direct Drive, also a popular machine comes with a 3.5mm stroke that is driven by a Maxon motor. Weighing 135 grams the tattoo machine is easy to handle without having to worry about hand fatigue. Also machined from 7075 aircraft aluminium the Invictus Direct Drive is strong, durable and reliable.