Friction Tattoo Furniture

Barber DTS are proud to bring you a complete new range of tattoo furniture from Friction Tattoo. Featuring a Premium Client Chair which is highly adjustable and designed for ultimate client comfort. An awesome value for money Client Chair & Artist Stool combo which gives you a stunning chrome finished pro client chair as well as a sturdy 360° adjustable artist stool for a very attractive price. Also included in the range is a massage table, two new armrests, two tattoo trays, an artist chair and a ‘Lite’ version of the Premium Client Chair which is a little kinder to the bank balance whilst still providing maximum comfort and adjustability for you and your customers.

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  1. Friction Artist Chair
    The Friction Tattoo Artist Chair feat...
    567,99 kr
  2. Friction Massage Table
    The Friction Massage table is designe...
    1.384,99 kr
  3. Friction Elite Armrest
    The Friction Elite Armrest is a light...
    719,99 kr
  4. Friction Large Armrest
    This large tattoo armrest boasts an e...
    899,99 kr
  5. Friction Lite Client Chair
    Opt for a more modern tattoo client c...
    3.259,99 kr
    Out of stock
  6. Friction Mayo Tray
    The Friction Mayo Tattoo Tray has an ...
    559,99 kr
    Out of stock
  7. Friction Wheeled Tray
    The Friction Wheeled tray will be you...
    559,99 kr
    Out of stock

7 Items

per page

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