Tapes and Dressing

The Barber DTS product range isn’t limited to just tattoo machines and needles; we aim to provide you with everything a tattoo studio could need, which of course includes all of the consumables that you will go through on a day to day basis. For this particular range of products that includes various tapes, dressings, swabs and other such coverings and wrappings. The purpose of this range is of course to provide you with everything you need to effectively and safely cover fresh tattoos and piercings in order to ensure the safest and most comfortable healing process for your customers and to provide them with the best possible results from your work. As you would expect there are a range of different products with multiples sizes, types and brands to choose from within this particular range, which ensures that you get what you need from the products regardless of what those specific needs might be.

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  1. Dermalize Pro Roll and Retail Packs
    Dermalize Protective Tattoo Film is t...

    From 40,00 kr

  2. Barrier Film
    Barrier film is used for covering ite...
    185,00 kr
  3. Micropore Tape
    These medical tapes can be torn strai...

    From 41,00 kr

  4. Micropore Tape-5cm x 9.1m
    Micropore 5cm x 9.1m Tape is a surgic...
    41,00 kr
  5. Dr.-derm Barrier Film (6"" x 180"") by Brian ...
    Dr.- derm is a thin, flexible film wi...
    234,00 kr
    Out of stock
  6. Dry Loc Pads
    Protect and care for your fresh tatto...

    From 135,00 kr

  7. Melolin Dressing Sterile 10 x 10cm
    This is an absorbent, low adherent dr...
    255,00 kr
  8. Mepore Dressing
    These mepore dressings are produced t...

    From 49,00 kr

  9. Micropore Tape-1.25cm x 9.1m
    Micropore Tape 1.25cm x 9.1m is a sur...
    41,00 kr
  10. Micropore Tape-2.5cm x 9.1m
    Micropore Tape 2.5cm x 9.1m is great ...
    41,00 kr
  11. Skintact 20 x 10cm
    Skintact 20cm x 10 cm is a dual sided...
    436,00 kr
  12. Sterile Swab
    Individually wrapped, non-woven, ster...
    24,00 kr
    Out of stock

Items 1 to 12 of 23 Total

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