Jewellery Displays

There are lots of people who want piercings but can’t quite decide what they want. This is where our silicone body jewellery displays come in. we have body jewellery displays targeted at numerous parts of the body including the tongue, nipple, vagina, penis and navel. They displays are perfect for allowing your customers to see exactly where the piercing is and some idea of what it will look like. As well as using them for display purposes they can be incorporated into training for piercing. Our displays are perfect for going on display in any professional piercing studio

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  1. Studex Displayer
    Studex Displayer
    Barber DTS are delighted to present t...
    238,00 kr
  2. Complete 11 Piece Silicone Display Set - Tan
    Complete 11 Piece Silicone Display Set - Tan
    These high quality silicone body part...
    1.602,00 kr

2 Items

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