Lauro Paolini

Barber DTS are delighted to supply tattoo grips from Lauro Paolini in a variety of different designs, sizes and colours. Grips you can expect to find by the brand include the Nylon grip, Incredible grip, and Coprigrip. Nylon grips are made from a high quality nylon and are then treated to make them strong and robust. Incredible grips are made from stainless steel and feature a half knurled design whereas Coprigrips are silicone tubes designed to fit over your grip to act as a cushion. All products are designed to provide maximum control and comfort for accurate tattooing. Various sizes and designs ensure that there is something for every tattooists needs.

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  1. Incredibile 14mm
    Incredibile 14mm
    The 14mm Incredible tip by Lauro Paol...
    85,00 kr
  2. Stainless Steel Grip including Coprigrip in Silicone
    Stainless Steel Grip including Coprigrip in Silicone
    Comes equipped with a copigrip, a cus...

    From 121,00 kr

    Out of stock

2 Items

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