Kuro Sumi

Kuro Sumi are distributors of high quality Japanese inks that are designed to give tattoos life and dimension.

The pigments are made using a secret formula that has been handed down for centuries amongst Japanese tattoo artists. Originally formulated in Japan but now made in the USA it is apparent that the inks are made from the best ingredients available. They are completely vegan friendly and contain organic elements. They offer the user safe, bold and clean inks that are reliable and consistent for results that will keep you coming back for more.

The Kuro Sumi range offers a variety of inks including their famous lining inks designed to create clean and crisp lines. Also available are a range of grey wash inks perfect for shading, colour inks perfect for Japanese style tattooing, and glow inks which light up under ultraviolet lights. All of the inks are absorbed into the skin with ease and contain high levels of pigmentation for tattoos that shine.