Reconditioned Tattoo Machines

View our range of recondition tattoo machines which are available at unbeatable prices. Some units may retain slight cosmetic damage from previous use but all of our used machines have been reconditioned to the highest possible standard and tested to be in full working order.

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  1. Kev Shercliff Liner (Reconditioned)
    ***Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich b...
    Sonderangebot" 239,99 € Vorher 244,99 €
  2. Spektra Edge X - Ruby (Reconditioned)
    This machine has been returned to FK ...
    Sonderangebot" 476,99 € Vorher 529,00 €
  3. InkJecta Flite Nano Elite Titan - Blue Tongue (Reconditioned)
    This machine has been reconditioned b...
    Sonderangebot" 432,49 € Vorher 499,99 €
    Nicht auf Lager
  4. RPG Click Ergo - Metallgrau
    Der neue Ergo Click ist in 7 verschie...
    Sonderangebot" 110,99 € Vorher 149,99 €
    Nicht auf Lager

4 Artikel

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