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Star Horn Earplug - 4mm

Product No: 791547
These plugs are sold individually to allow for variation in piercing size. This is different to standard piercing jewellery and earrings as they are usually sold in pairs. However these plugs allow you to mix and match your jewellery style, as well as creating unique combinations of piercing accessories. These items are ideal for both stretched and gauged ear piercings measuring at 4mm and above. The size options for this jewellery include 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm products. This particular product is the 4mm version and allows you to show off your piercing proudly with the bold star design.


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These horn plugs from organic jewellery are hand carved by skilled craftsmen. This enables them to get the best from the natural materials they are using, including this dark toned buffalo horn. It means that they can showcase the beauty in the natural materials they work with. For example when they are using wood they are often able to place the grain at the front of the jewellery, ensuring it is visible when it is worn in the piercing. This is one of the benefits of having natural materials and skilled tradesmen as it produces high quality items which cannot be rivalled by mass produced plastic and acrylic pieces that are commonly available for stretched and gauged ears. These plugs are available in several different sizes and this allows you to choose the correct size jewellery for your piercing. Size options include 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. Choosing the correct jewellery for your piercing is essential for a comfortable fit. If the piece is too large, it may overstretch the skin and lead to the piercing tearing. However if the small jewellery does not fill the piercing hole it may not stay secure and can result in the potential loss of the jewellery piece altogether.

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