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Morphix Flatiron Grip

Product No: 740097A
The Morphix Flatiron Grip is an ergonomic grip that has been designed to relieve stress on the usual pressure point and areas of pain associated with tattooing. It also helps to reduce fatigue and increase performance so you can keep producing your best work even after long sessions. The grip rests naturally in the cradle of your hand and facilitates a 45° angle for shading. To get the best results from the grip it is recommended that it is used with your lightest machine to allow the design to offset the weight and vibration over a large surface area.


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The Morphix Flatiron Grip incorporates some of the ergonomic design features and principles as other grips in this range, however the Flatiron has a much thinner profile and facilitates a 45° angle for shading while still resting naturally in your hand. The grip has a wide top but is flat at the back and offsets against the weight and vibration over a larger surface area which provides a better levels of comfort for both you and the client. Unlike rounded grips, the thinner profile of this grip allows it to rest more comfortably in your hand and the composite material will feel more like metal instead of nylon or plastic, while still keeping its lightweight feel. This is an ambidextrous grip and has been designed for use by both right and left handed people. It is going to be particularly comfortable for those who prefer to hook their middle finger under the grip and wedge it between the grip and the tip. This is grip is 100% safe for autoclave use and is very easy to keep clean and has a non-slip texture. This has been achieved by metal threads being incorporated into to the grip.

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