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  • Barber DTS launch Tattoo Goo across UK with Superdrug

    We're pleased to announce that Barber DTS have launched number one tattoo aftercare product ‘Tattoo Goo’ across the UK with high street retailer Superdrug.

    Tattoo Goo prides itself in being cruelty free and Peta approved. All products have been tested in controlled dermatological studies and most importantly have been formulated with tattoo artists who understand how vital quality ingredients are when it comes to looking after your skin.

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  • ‘100 Hands Project’ Opens at National Maritime Museum Cornwall

    The National Maritime Museum in Cornwall have now opened the ‘100 Hands Project’ within their British Tattoo Art exhibition which runs right up until January 2018.

    The project showcases 100 tattooed silicone hands, meaning they’ve created the largest selection of tattooed items in history.

    The purpose of the exhibition as a whole is to highlight the long and impressive history of British tattooing.

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  • Giving tattoo artists the power of choice with Eternal Ink Pick and Mix

    Variety is the spice of life so they say, and for tattoo artists having a varied colour palette at their disposal is ever more important as the different schools and styles of tattoos on offer increases.

    That’s why we’ve launched our new ‘Pick and Mix’ page in partnership with Eternal Ink. Starting with over 200 colours across the Eternal colour spectrum the idea is simple. When an artist chooses 9 1oz inks they get a 10th free.

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  • Tattoo Machines: Rotary vs. Coil

    As a tattoo artist, choosing a tattoo machine is one of the biggest decisions.

    In order to choose the best machine for you, it is essential to analyse the different features that come with both the rotary tattoo machine and the coil tattoo machine.

    With this in mind, let’s look at the differences that set apart the Rotary and the Coil.

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  • The History of the Tattoo Machine

    The tattoo machine has a long and complicated past, dating back to the 1800s. It all began with Thomas Edison, an American inventor and his rotary type device. He invented it back in 1876 and its main purpose was to create stencils to be used on flyers.

    Tattooist Samuel O’Reilly modified Edison’s design over the course of fifteen years to create an electric tattoo machine which he patented in 1891. His machine is still one of the most popular designs used today.

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  • Why Primus Brand Tattoo Machines Stand Out From The Crowd

    The Primus brand is a range of rotary tattoo machines belonging to Sunskin. Sunskin were founded in 1997 and had since thrived and produced some of the best tattoo equipment available on the market.

    Their Primus Rotary machines are popular amongst professionals, and the new Primus ONE is looking like it's heading in the same direction.

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  • TATSoul Gate Foot Switch - Learn How This Foot Pedal Could Save You Money

    TATSoul are renowned for their high-quality tattoo equipment and outstanding customer service. Based in California TATSoul have established and maintained an exceptional reputation that tattooists keep coming back for year after year.

    TATSoul remains one of the few passionate industry leaders, carefully considering the design of each and every product.

    Through listening to their customer’s feedback, TATSoul continually improves their equipment to meet the needs and expectations of the artist.

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  • 4 Reasons Why Bishop Fantom Grips Can Ensure Pinpoint Accuracy

    Every tattooist needs a reliable grip to ensure that they have maximum support and control while working.  The Bishop Fantom Grip, by Bishop Rotary, is an excellent choice for such qualities and will not let you down.

    Available in 8 different colours, there's something to suit everyone's taste.

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  • Tattoo Laws Around The World - Avoid Getting Sentenced Abroad

    Here in the UK, the licensing and procedures carried out in tattoo and piercing studios is subject to heavy regulation. Local councils often conduct regular inspections of premises to ensure that they are compliant with health and safety laws.

    These types of legislation and checks are put in place to protect both the staff, artists and customers from infection, and more dangerous blood-borne diseases such as HIV, Aids and hepatitis.

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  • Ink Booster

    Ink Booster is an innovative new product to be brought to the forefront of the tattoo supplies market. Specially designed and optimised for use during the tattooing process, this specialised cream is perfect for use within your studio.

    It is produced by DC Invention Company in Austria. Ink Booster is fully compliant with both EU and UK safety checks and regulations on tattoo supplies and products used in the process.

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