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Hygiene is extremely important to us at Barber due to the nature of work carried out. Failure to clean and sterilise your equipment and studio could result in your customers having infected tattoos and piercings. To help you avoid this we have a selection of ultrasonics available. The ultrasonic is designed to help remove any dirt, skin, ink or grime left in tattoo tips or on piercing equipment. The ultrasonic shakes at high speeds effectively knocking any excess grime from the instruments. After they have been through the ultrasonic they can then be transferred to the autoclave for sterilisation.

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  • Ultrawave U50

    Ultrawave U50

    Choose this premium, compact ultrasonic bath unit ... readmore

    Starting at: €34.79

  • Ultrawave U95

    Ultrawave U95

    These professional grade Ultrawave ultrasonic bath... readmore

    Starting at: €51.99

  • Ultrawave U300

    Ultrawave U300

    This high quality machine from Ultrawave is the pe... readmore

    Starting at: €39.50

  • Replacement Stainless Baskets - Ultrawave

    Replacement Stainless Baskets - Ultrawave

    This is a fantastic, durable and reliable selectio... readmore

    Starting at: €53.99

  • Rapidex


    Use Rapidex to make light work of all those messy ... readmore

    Starting at: €13.09

  • Cleaning Powder for Water Distiller

    Cleaning Powder for Water Distiller

    The ideal cleaning powder for Water Distiller whic... readmore
  • Bowie Dick Test (10 Pack)

    Bowie Dick Test (10 Pack)

    The Bowie Dick Test Pack consists of a series o... readmore
  • Load Check Indicators

    Load Check Indicators

    Barber DTS are pleased to present load check indic... readmore

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Items 1 to 12 of 19 total

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